Information about accounts, email use and my newsletter

Creating an account stores your purchase history in order to provide the best customer service. Accounts are easy to set up. Your email address is the username, so it’s one less login to remember! Also, your email address is used for conducting business only. I will use the provided email to communicate with you about your order and its status. That’s it.

I have an optional monthly newsletter through MailChimp, where I share coupon codes, sales, and where I will be vending next. You will not receive this newsletter unless you choose to opt-in, and you may unsubscribe at any time. At the point of sale, there should be a box to check to opt-in to the newsletter. There is also a signup box on the bottom of the home page.

I do not spam, and I do not sell or share any personal information. Please refer to Legal to review the terms and conditions for purchasing. Thank you!