Zombie Doll, “Hope”


“Hope” is a one of a kind, hand-painted cloth art doll.

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Strangely sweet with compelling hopeful eyes. This zombie doll’s name was inspired by her wistful haunting gaze.

Don’t be fooled, her face is not three dimensional, nor is it printed. It’s flat fabric painstakingly painted by hand with a “trompe l’oeil” effect. “Hope” is a cloth art doll of my own design, machine sewn and with hand sewing to finish details.

“Hope” is one of a kind art doll and will not be replicated.

Her arms are connected with buttons and thread.There is a small ribbon loop on the back of her neck for hanging on the wall, and her legs have button knees, so she can sit on a shelf with assistance. A fabric tag with “Blackwood Cottage” is sewn on the back of her skirt.

This doll was carefully handmade and painted by Jessica, right here in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Measures approx. 15″ tall and approx. 4″ wide at the head.

Cotton blend fabrics, acrylic felt, buttons, acrylic paint, ribbon, and polyfil stuffing.

Gently spot clean unpainted areas if necessary and let air dry.
Wipe clean painted areas with a dry cloth only.
This is an art doll for display, and not intended as a toy.
Please keep out of reach from tiny hands and curious paws.

Thank you for looking!