Blackwood Cottage Art Studio

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Cats in progress at 1 am.

Most summers, I can manage to sit outside in an adirondack chair and stitch while my kids ride bikes; I’ve even pulled my sewing machine out to a picnic table with an extension cord and sunglasses. But this year the mosquitoes have been horrendous. Bug repellant is only helpful to a point. Ever get bit on your eyelid? In case you were wondering, it really sucks.

Some of our summers have been blissfully lazy and we take each day as it comes. This summer, on the other hand, has not. It’s been a summer of spinning a lot of plates, and cramming ten pounds of you-know-what into a one pound bag.

But one thing I’ve learned over the years is that if I wait for the perfect time to make art, it doesn’t always happen. And if I don’t get to make art, I get very cranky. So I’ve been trying to pull a midnight shift lately. And it’s working. Thirty minutes here or there, once everyone is asleep, including the hot sun and mosquitoes.

Here’s my latest midnight shift project: a batch of gray cats. I’m trying out a new pattern and construction method. Right now they are just stuffed torsos with painted faces, but I am moving onto the limbs and ears next. I’ll keep you posted.